Why Horizon

Every interaction with the client is an important moment for us there by leading to fine-tune our creativity as well as our technical competence.

We constantly seek diverse ways to improve clients’ satisfaction.

We offer the technical and business expertise where the client needs to deliver business value through technology solutions.

We are time-honored for our superior apperception of today’s innovative technologies and its persistency in staying abreast of new developments in the industry. This allows us to converse with hiring technical assistants, managers on a technical level and understand their technical environment and job requirements, in order to present only the most qualified candidates. We guarantee our thorough evaluation of candidates and our comprehensive summary of their technical skills adds efficiency, trust, and honesty to the process and relationship.

We define our success not by quantity, but by the quality of client service and the lasting contributions made by the talent that it has referred. Our ultimate motto is that our success ratio of resumes submitted to offers extended is unsurpassed.