Maintains Projects

Our ability to deliver Comprehensive solutions to meet our Client requirements is the resemblance of our systematic programmed maintenance. Upon delivering a responsive, professional and safety first approach towards achieving project excellence has set the reputation of our business stand high.

Time sheet Planning:

If you plan to introduce timesheets in your organization for the first time, you’ll want to work with your accounting department, managers, executive management, and project managers to determine how to structure timesheets and how they relate to updating task status. The process of using timesheets introduces practical and cultural changes to an organization, both areas that need to be carefully managed.

Task Management Planning:

Accessing and making changes to the Timesheet Periods Web page requires that the user be assigned to the Project Server Administrators group. To plan the configuration of timesheet periods, you will need to know the number of periods, the length of each period and the starting date for the first period. The default setting is 52 periods with a length of 7 days starting on today’s date, but you can choose whatever scheme fits your needs.