Web apps

As internet and web browser technology evolved over the past decade, it became feasible to deliver highly functional business applications via the web. We provide accurate and easy to use solution for managing your web applications in pre- and post-production. Performance is a direct component to increasing market Share and the performance of our application is consistently high. One can track the web and mobile site’s response time, availability and consistency, key transactions, home pages and mobile applications. You can also track how your web and mobile site rank against your competition and the top sites worldwide.

web appsUtilizing big data and a proprietary anomaly detection engine, our platform delivers information on specific outages affecting your web application, including the scope, duration and probable cause of the event. You can know who is using your application, and how they are interacting with it through smart analytics which links application performance to business outcomes.

Horizon for Web provides a single platform for consistent and deep visibility,even into third- party code and content delivery networks (CDNs). Our Web apps look easy with deployment, after installation you get auto learning, auto baselines and an auto adaptive solution, so you are getting valuable data immediately.