Culture & Values

We provide a lively and motivated work environment by creating a youthful and responsive culture coupled with the expertise of our pioneers from the industry. We love our jobs – work, play, argue, and make mistakes, share and more while striving continuously to develop an excellent organization. We strive to provide a working environment that embodies our corporate values of Safety, Integrity, Quality, Profit, Growth, Family, and Community.

  • Quality Service — We are committed to our customers’ success above all other objectives.
  • Integrity — Treat clients and employees with trust, respect, and candor.
  • Horizon hire the best candidates, and provide them with opportunity, accountability, and reward for performance.
  • A professional and multi-cultural environment which promotes innovation, transparency, integrity and mutual success
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  • Shared resources and team support
  • The Horizon employees charge with a relentless drive to excel and reach higher levels of performance. We seek consistent excellence in our work, at every point.
  • Equal opportunities
  • Vision-driven & value-based
  • Relationships built on openness and trust
  • People-oriented environment
  • Development of team culture
  • Achievement of a qualitative work life
  • Horizon people are characterized by a vibrant team spirit, which translates in consistent superior performance. We look for exceptional quality in our people and strive to build on it continuously.

Who Are We Looking For?

Horizon is looking for industry professionals that share our values and beliefs. Our employees come from a variety of industries, backgrounds and experience levels, but share the following:

  • Vision
  • Trust-Worthy
  • Honesty
  • Passion
  • Customer Service
  • Tenacity for Problem Solving
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Work as a team

We invite you to be part of our team because nothing is more important than finding the right people and helping them grow with us.